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Shoot’n, Fish’n ‘n’ Hunt’n

2022 South African Combo Hunt Special

2022 South African Combo Hunt Special with Safari Club Kilima.

After two years of Covid19 travel restrictions, international travel has resumed around much of the world. International travel is now opening up for Australians and hunters from the Asia Pacific region, too. With this re-opening of the world comes new hunting opportunities, such as this combo hunt for buffalo, sable and lion.

If you have been ‘champing at the bit’ to get to Africa and hunt, then now is the time to plan and book.

To get your feet back into the world of African safari, we have a special combination package consisting of one (1) Cape buffalo, one (1) sable and one (1) lion for $usd22,550. This is for seven (7) days hunting. Both the Cape buffalo and sable are fully exportable, as trophies. The lion is not exportable as the Australian and US Governments will not allow the import of lion trophies, but this is a great opportunity to experience, and photograph, the hunt of one of the world’s great apex predators at a very affordable price.

This is a great opportunity to hunt three of Africa’s most iconic big game animals at a price that won’t be beaten. Shop around and you will find that a hunt for Cape buffalo and sable only will cost you about the same as this hunt, for three animals, will cost you.

PLUS! If this hunt is booked before the end of February 2022, then a lioness will be included in the hunt at no extra charge. 

If you are interested in hunting other species, or other safari activities in Africa, we can arrange that too. Members of Safari Club Kilima (SCK) have access to special pricing and an excellence in service normally only reserved for the very wealthy.

Rifle hunters, bow-hunters and huntresses are equally welcome as our professional hunters include both men and women and they are all keen firearm and bow-hunters, themselves.

Contact me for prices and further information in regards to:

* Plains game hunts;
We have a number of base camps giving access to most plains
game species and can tailor hunts to most of the hunting fields of Africa,

* Dangerous game hunts;
We conduct fair-chase hunts for elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard
and hippo,

* Wingshooting;
We provide some of the best bird shooting in the world and you
can expect to fire upwards of 500 cartridges per day! Birds that
are hunted include spurwing geese, Egyptian goose, 10 duck
species, guinea fowl, pheasants, francolin, pigeons and doves,

* Big Game Fishing;
We offer big game fishing in Natal and Cape Town,

* Photographic safaris;
We ensure that your photo safari is as unique as you, giving you a
personalized experience,

* General Sightseeing;

For better value hunting, inquire about joining Safari Club Kilima (SCK) to gain access to members only pricing on hunting in Africa and, soon to be available, hunting on other continents, too. SCK information and members pages will be up and running on this website (https://shootfishhunt.com.au), soon!

For more information, do not hesitate to contact robert@shootfishhunt.com.au.

Back to Africa in 2022!


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